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C Sharp to VB. Net

While you are programming, one usually encounters situations where your code needs to be translated from C# to .net language and vice-versa. We will be discussing these situations in detail and help you understand a better way to deal with them. Let us take a look at the top converters that are most commonly used in such situations.

1. Telerik Code converter

Depending on the open-source converter from iC#code for conversion, this is one of the most widely used converters to change from C# to .net and vice-versa. Telerik uses the trademark Kendo U.I. to deliver a highly intuitive, high-performance, and responsive web application for conversion.

2. Developer Fusion

This is one of the clearest no-nonsense code convertors for translation C# to V.B.Net. There are many options with a range of available converters that can also be used to convert to Python and Ruby. It is free to use and very swift and effective in operation. The other feature of developer fusion is that it does not store any of your data and sends you all the code directly without storing any.

3. V.B. Conversions

This very flexible tool offers conversion from all types of projects and supports all Vb versions. You can keep a check on the code while it is converted and offer your additional insights and tweaks, too, for making the improvements you want. You can also run multiple projects simultaneously if you wish. The side-by-side display of both C# and V.B. code helps users tremendously identify the potential risks during conversion, thus saving precious time for the user. It comes for $49.5 and offers seamless support, and the extensive testing done on it ensures that no compiler errors occur in the converted code.

4. Instant C#

A tool from a tangible software solution, it helps users save a lot of time by automatically converting the code to C#. It offers two editions for users to choose from, free and premium edition. The free edition is available for use at no cost and offers a high degree of conversion too, but has a cap of 100 lines per code per file per block. The premium edition costs USD 119 per year and offers high-quality code conversion with no capping on the amount of code you want to convert. Instant C# is instrumental if you want to convert a large code snippet file and offers a 15-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product or do not like it altogether. Some manual intervention may be required to correct code later, though.

5. Code Translator

This tool can be used by typing the code in the online code editor, or the user can upload a file for converting the code. It will support the translation from to C# and vice-versa.


Some powerful tools are available to convert your code from C# to VB.Net and vice versa, but not all are 100% accurate. Therefore, manual assistance is often required to ensure that all converted codes perform and compile their designated functions. Although this tool might not offer the kind of precision of manual conversion, they indeed help reduce the overall conversion effort.

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