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TOP-10 C# Questions for Advanced Programmers

Here are a few C# interview questions with answers which will help experienced programmers to plan and prepare for their interviews.

1. Explain the Async method of C#.

Ans:  Async method is a method that will not happen or exist at a time. It is a process which returns to the calling method before completing its function. It then continues to finish its function as its execution goes along with the calling process.

2. Describe Race condition.

Ans: A condition is called a Race condition when multiple threads can view the data and can also attempt to change it simultaneously.

3. What is Thread pooling?

Ans: A Thread pool is a group of threads that are used to perform several background activities. After the threads complete their work in the pool, the DotNet platform sends the threads back to the pool as they can be reused to perform other tasks.

4. What are nullable types in C#?

Ans: Nullable types represent the exact range of values for a particular data type along with null values. For instance, if a data type such as Integer is assigned as Nullable, then it can be allocated to any value from -2147483648 to 2147483647 or a null value.

5. Define LINQ in C#.

Ans: LINQ is also called Language-Integrated Query (LINQ).  LINQ is a programming language from Microsoft that is completely developed, providing quick access to information from databases, XML documents, etc.

6. Why should we use the "finally" block in C#?

Ans: “Finally” is a reserved keyword in C#. Finally block is used to clear all services that are used in a try block and allows you to run applications regardless of an error in the try block.

7. Distinguish between dynamic type variables and object type variables in C#.

Ans: It is a variable that is represented using the keyword ‘dynamic.’ These are variables in which the programmer will not have any knowledge about the type of variable. Object type variables are variables in which the programmer will have some information about the type of variable. To use an object and to perform the intended tasks, you have to bind the object variable into the actual type. Dynamic type variables do not require binding, but the properties and methods associated with the form being stored should have to be understood.

8. What is a virtual method in C#?

Ans: A virtual method is a method that can be declared using the ‘virtual’ keyword. It is a method in which having a return type is optional.

9. Mention the difference between Throw Exception and Throw Clause.

Ans: The simple difference between Throw Exception and Throw Clause is that Throw Exception is used to overwrite the code pattern to make it difficult to find the actual line of the code due to which an exception is caused while the Throw Clause preserves the information of the code and adds to the explanation of the code, even if it is thrown.

10. What is Reflection in C#?

Ans: Reflection in C# enables code to check other code within the same program. Reflection can be used to build an instance of a type automatically and assign the type to an object reference.

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